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About Aapika

The brand name Aapika holds root to the word "Yours", (in Hindi Aap Ka). At Aapika, the label aspires to be a true expression of oneself by offering a range of silhouettes and designs that our team iterates and prototypes before making it available for you. Comfort, Fit, Quality and Durability will be Aapika's guiding principle always. Every design is meticulously handcrafted and made upon order. Below are our 3 ethos as a brand that we work towards.

Fair Practice

At Aapika, we strongly believe in the proper treatment of every employee regardless of race, gender or any other factors deemed to be discriminatory in nature. This includes in offering fair wages based on skillsets and work qualifications to offering safe and diverse working environment.

Sustainability in Fashion

We will ensure we will do our best to practice sustainable solutions. From creating digital designs, minimal inventory stocking, made upon order processes to minimize wastage to using quality recycled or minimal virgin raw materials to ensure durability, this will be an ongoing effort from our end.

Honest Design Principals

Our philosophy at Aapika is simple. Functional and Practical designs are valued. The products that you see are what you should be getting. Our product descriptions and images are vetted to be clear and easily understandable. However, the colour of the product may vary due to various screen settings and we do try to match them as mush as we can on our part. Our aim is to provide customers with information of the product as it is and not altering digitally.